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Made with fresh limes, Lekka Lime is shelf stable for 6 months, ultra consistent and preservative free. Great for cocktails and cooking authentic Mexican food, Thai Food, Indian, South American or Japanese Cuisine.

Product Attributes

Lekka Lime is a proudly South African product, made with fresh limes. Through a bespoke process of filtration, blending, pasteurization and CO2 filling, we've managed to make our Lime juice last up to 6 months without adding preservatives, which is a huge improvement over the 48 hrs that freshly juiced limes lasts. Lime Juice is a MUST HAVE ingredient to replicate South American or Eastern Cuisine, like Mexican food recipes, Thai food recipes, or Japanese food recipes. It's also irreplacable in Cocktail recipes like the Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri to name a few.

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