Eezee Foam 500ml – Beverage Chefs


Eezee Foam is a fantastic vegan alternative to using egg whites in cocktails.

It creates a great, long lasting foam, a silky mouthfeel, without imparting flavour or smell into the drink.

Made from Vegetable Saponin extracts, sourced sustainably from the high altitude regions on Chile, South America, and bottled in Cape Town, South Africa.

Shelf stable for 2 years

Product Attributes

Vegan, Halaal and Kosher Friendly
Nut free and Gluten free
Soy and Lactose Free.

Made from natural ingredients
100ml bottle = 800 drinks.
30ml = 250 drinks

750ml (diluted blend) = 60 drinks

No preparation needed/takes up minimal space
No egg smell or aftertaste

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