Classic DVG Mojito

Classic DVG Mojito


  • 20ml x DaVinci Gourmet Menta Cubano Syrup
  • 5ml x DaVinci Gourmet Intense Mexican Lime Syrup
  • 15ml x DaVinci Gourmet Lemonade Syrup
  • 50ml x White Rum
  • Splash of soda water
  • Fresh Mint & lime
  • Crushed ice


  • Add Rum, DaVinci Gourmet Syrups and half of the crushed ice into your glass
  • Mix the contents of the glass and add in some mint leaves
  • Add in the rest of your crushed ice and top up with a splash of soda water
  • Garnish with a bunch of fresh mint and a lime wedge
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